Cold rolled steel pipe

In the modern times, there is a huge potential demand for cold rolled steel pipe in the steel pipe market. Cold formed hollow sections have two advantages over hot finished hollow sections which seem not directly related from the structural viewpoints. from the aesthetic viewpoint, cold formed structural hollow sections have a smooth surface, while hot finished sections can be pitted, which can be considered an issue for architecturally exposed structural steel for certain applications.


Rectangular steel pipe is one common type of structural hollow sections in use. According to different steel products and related design standards, there exists great difference between the alternative types of structural hollow section products. Specifically, hot finished structural hollow section products are typically between 24% and 54% more expensive in Germany than their cold formed counterparts, the lower differences being for large tonnages-a strong inducement in favour of cold formed structural hollow sections.

Before your purchase of cold rolled steel pipe, as per the steel pipe table, there is different pricing in accordance with distinct cold rolled steel pipe sizes from steel pipe manufacturers. Furthermore, welded steel pipe has various pipe specifications, due to their different processing techniques and the specific actual purposes in real life. For example, thanks to its low manufacturing costs, straight seam welded pipe wins fast development prospect. However, the strength of spiral welded pipe is generally higher than that of straight seam welded pipe because the later is made from a narrow billet production into a larger diameter welded steel pipe. As a result, straight seam welded steel pipe usually has a small diameter while the spiral welded steel pipe mostly has large diameter.

Besides, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is also one common type of cold rolled steel pipe. This type of pipe owns good performance and strong corrosion resistance. In order to improve the efficiency of steel pipe application, more steel pipe manufactures tend towards more attention on advanced technology in the process of practical production. However, in some cases, the coating might lead to allowable dimension decrease although there are many methods for producing metallic coatings on materials. In our daily life, there are many different kinds of cold rolled steel pipes used in various application, including carbon steel wire casing, spiral welded steel pipes, straight seam welded steel pipes, helical sheam submerged arc welded steel pipes and high frequency welded steel pipes.

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